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After twelve years as Convenor and member of SGM Workgroup, Andrew Pritchard has handed the baton to Mike Wright. He will continue in his assistant coordinator role in the Spiritual Directors’ Formation Programme. Some of the convenor's tasks have been devolved to other members of the SGM Workgroup.

(See more details in SGM News in the latest issue of Refresh).


From the latest issue of Refresh ...


by Frances O’Leary


In the midst of depression, peace

appears beyond reach….a dream…

impossible…. at the best, elusive….

like a spring

in a dry river bed.


Yet in this encompassing darkness

I feel God whisper,

offering ‘peace’.

‘Not as the world knows it,

but as I give it.’


Quiet. Relax. Unwind.

Allow God to happen. And then

like the tiniest sliver of the moon

bringing light into the darkness

and hope to my heart,

God comes.

Who are we?

Spiritual Growth Ministries is a network of people from diverse Christian traditions and experience who find depth and meaning through the whole Christian heritage of contemplative spirituality.

The Spiritual Growth Ministries Trust* aims to enable people to develop spiritual resources for their life and work by deepening their relationship with God in Jesus Christ through spiritual direction, formation of spiritual directors, retreats and other experiences of prayer.

Contemplative spirituality

What do we do?

We express our passionate interest in contemplative spirituality in three main ways:

  • We offer a two year, part-time Formation Programme for the training of Christian spiritual directors.

    Details are available here
  • We publish 'Refresh' - a journal of contemplative spirituality - usually twice each year. The Winter 2015 issue is now available, on the timely theme of  "Just Peace". Click here to read the new issue.
  • We produce an annual Calendar of retreats, quiet days and other events throughout New Zealand.
    To see the new Calendar for 2015 click here.

* Spiritual Growth Ministries is an incorporated trust registered with the Charities Commission on 17 June 2008 (CC 26037)

Some key people ...

Mike Wright

SGM Workgroup Convenor

Barbara McMillan

Barbara McMillan
Formation Programme Coordinator

Andrew Pritchard

Andrew Pritchard
Assistant Formation
Programme Coordinator

Joanne Garton

Joanne Garton
SGM Administrator

Diane Gilliam-Weeks

Editor of Refresh